We have been providing construction related engineering and estimating services for more than 15 years. Our services are accurate and our prices are very affordable at only $US 10 per hour. Our clients are contractors and suppliers, primarily based in the U.S, Canada and Australia. Please visit “our-services” page to see the complete list of services we provide.

Simply send us the blueprints or plans for a project you want us to takeoff. We will go through the blueprints methodically and comprehensively to provide you with a quote as well as highlight any discrepancies or missing information in the plans. We also make sure each estimate is peer checked. We call it ‘precision estimating‘ with engineering experience . We are experienced in all types of projects providing both residential and commercial construction related services. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Simply contact us and get a Free Trial.

Estimating & Takeoff Services
  • —– Lumber
  • —– Concrete
  • —– Painting
  • —– Flooring
  • —– Roofing
Estimating & Takeoff Services
  • —– Rebar
  • —– Blinds
  • —– Insulation
  • —– Masonry
  • —– Waterproofing
Software Used
  • —–Planswift
  • —– Bluebeam
  • —– Measure RFMS
  • —– OST
  • —– Others. Go to ‘Our Services’ page.